Boulder Elixir

This was a meetup I started in Boulder, CO for Elixir. I was getting really into Elixir and Phoenix but there wasn't much of a community around me—so I decided to help create one.

Show Haven

This was a passion project I started because I love music. The idea was for it to be a concert-finding service that catered to local musicians. When moving to Colorado, I found out there's not really a good way to learn about a city's local musicians. I wanted this site to be a way for people to discover talented artists local to them.

This project was written with Phoenix and Elixir. It was a great learning exeperience but I ultimately abandoned it.


I originally started this app as the subject of a speech I gave at the Boulder Gophers meetup. Picking a lunch spot can be hard, especially when you eat out a lot. Let gruuub do it for you!

Gruuub is written in Go. New unique combinations of query and location take some time because it's calling the Yelp API. After that though, the results are cached and the response-time is super fast.

This site is under active development. See the code here.

Orlando Ruby Dojo

I love learning and I love helping other people learn. That's why I started the Orlando Ruby Dojo.

The Orlando Ruby Dojo is a pair-programming group that holds events twice a month. Founded in December 2013, the Dojo has been going strong ever since.

Check out our GitHub profile and our Meetup page.

Update: This Meetup was taken over when I moved to Colorado by Nestor Castillo, a very talented developer in Orlando.